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Lynda Bartlow

Lynda (Bartlow) Johanson

I live in Grand Prairie, we just bought a new home on Shady Grove. My husband, Brian, and I have been married for 10 years. Yes I waited a long time to get married, but I got my cowboy :) If you live in the area you may have seen him, he is a truck driver and he drives a yellow Peterbilt, 4 axle, and it has alot of chrome, he moves big cranes, street pavers, bull dozers,part of drilling rigs (to Houston), etc. I have a 16yr old stepdaughter, Chelsey, she lives in Weatherford.(We don't have any kids of our own) I work for Southwest Fixture & Display, I have been there for 14 years. My dad passed away 11/2/06, my mom is kicking butt, she is 82 and is more active then me, it seems. She lives in Tyler. My email is: [email protected] (it was suppose to be lyndathereb, but Best Buy messed up.) Please contact me if you want:)

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite 70s Car: Ford Talladega

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    Lynda Bartlow-Johanson

    Irving High School, Class of 1978, Irving Texas.

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