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Steve Freeman

True to my work on the Tiger Rag, I continued in journalism, working in greater Chicago after college. Then -- after too many deadlines for a daily newspaper -- I switched to PR. Today, I am a writer and PR specialist working in the D.C. area with clients there, in Dallas and in L.A. Still single, ladies, and what a catch (so says Mom)! Highlights of my life thusfar: Authored 4 manuals, served George W. a hamburger once, love music (relating to my acapella choir days), and named the Ultimate 'Simpsons' fan in the DC area... yeah.. I'm still growing up. If you're ever in DC or Northern VA, give me a shout! I was an introvert in high school, but have turned out quite friendly. And like Marge Simpsons says, "You can always rely on the kindness of strangers."

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite 70s Car: Mustang II

    Steve Freeman

    Irving High School, Class of 1978, Irving Texas.

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